Celine Nguyen

Product designer and writer in San Francisco. I write weekly essays on literature, design, & art on my Substack, personal canon, and occasionally publish writing elsewhere.


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I'm very excited about

The handmade, handcoded web / Intersections between design process and writing process / Writing contemporary design histories / Collective generosity and care / Interdisciplinary endeavors / Technology and ethics / The joy of a good groupchat / Reading books, not feeds / Calligraphy / The resurgence of physical crafts in a digital age

so feel free to talk to me about these things!

Right now

Designing at Notion. Recommending 6 beautiful novels & memoirs for The Atlantic. Learning about wayward sentences with the School for Poetic Computation.


Residency at the Banff Centre in computational writing . Studied design history at the V&A Museum/Royal College of Art . Spoke at AIGA’s Emerging Designers Symposium. Designed at Palantir , Artsy , and Google . Studied computer science & design at Carnegie Mellon .