Celine Nguyen

Digital product designer, design historian, writer based in London. I read nonstop. I’m very quiet online and rarely tweet. I spend most of my time on Goodreads, Are.na, and Pinterest. I (sometimes) post to Instagram.


I'm very excited about

The handmade, handcoded web / Intersections between design process and writing process / Writing contemporary design histories / Collective generosity and care / Interdisciplinary endeavors / Technology and ethics / The joy of a good groupchat / Reading books, not feeds / Calligraphy / The resurgence of physical crafts in a digital age

so feel free to talk to me about these things!

Right now

At a computational writing residency at the Banff Centre. Graduating from my MA in History of Design with the V&A Museum/Royal College of Art in London. Designing for Logic Magazine. Reading Proust's In Search of Lost Time.


Wrote about climate change in the physical and digital realm. Spoke at AIGA’s Emerging Designers Symposium. Designed at Palantir , Artsy , and Google . Studied computer science & design at Carnegie Mellon .